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Originally Posted by ChrisH View Post
In a number of different threads you have mentioned that the Lion will 'learn' the pit. This means adjust PID values depending on the performance of the particular smoker. Are you now saying that this is not the case?

All other smoker controllers that I know of have a auto learn feature.

please note difference betweem auto-tuning and auto-learning.
The PID controller is auto-learning. After a period of learning,the target will get closer and closer.
Auto-tuning refers to tuning value of P, I ,D. Optimastic data of P,I,D will SHORTEN auto-learning period, and swing away from target will be less.
DOG, WOLF, TIGER, LION are designed for stick smokers and do not have auto-tuning. You have to manually tuning P.I.D for best results. Default settings work too, but not at the best.
RHINO and Elephant are designed mainly for Sous Vide and have auto-tuning.
Rhino and Elephant can be used for stick smokers too if adding blower.
When Rhino and Elephant are used for stick smokers, I recommed not using auto-tuning function.
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