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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
When that day happens, that team is more than welcome to come tell me "I told ya so" and I will just laugh and offer them a beer. I dont expect it to be anytime soon BTW! And even if it does, I done had my arse whooped up and down the cookoff scene, wouldnt be any different to me, it happens to everyone. Heck RangerJ smoked us in ribs at a comp once in Columbus,tx of nearly 40 teams and with the very exact same recipe and glaze we took a 1st out of 108. I have always said that a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, and its likely to happen at a comp. Now as far as my fancy pits, I earned those through hard work, trial and error, failed cooks and never asked a single person for help, Because I did the research, I paid for the meat on the failed cooks and at the end of the day, still had a ice cold miller in my hand. I'm not in any manner hating on any newbie for experimenting with a new brand, cook method etc. I will gladly help anyone with any BBQ related problem they are having, I answer a bunch of emails every day. I just have a problem with people endorsing the new kid on the block when it ain't proven itself yet just because they got a freebie
I think you are still stuck on GRILLING, my friend. Since when is a UDS 'fancy?' Real Drum Heads would never say their drum is fancy. Come on, man!
Ya don't earn a drum...........ya build it and then prove yer worth on it! That has yet to be proven! Ya shoulda grilled that steak on a cinder block pit, boy! Sorry, just still got your video on my mind.

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