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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Like I said, I'm willing to help anyone. And to my knowledge you have only had to intervene once in any of my postings, and that's just Because the cyber bully that started all of it got a dose of his own medicine. I have never talked down to a member or of a member. People like the ones you recently banned always have an open invitation to a face to face with me, but I doubt that will ever happen either. So don't put this solely on me Becaise some members have problems with a pit that any knowledgable person could point out before hand. If you wanna help, help! Don't go pointing fingers at me!
Nah, has nothing to do with that ONE incident. Now I'm talking as a Moderator, there were others, there were several reports too. I am pointing fingers at you. Not just in this thread, but in others.
My advice, if you are going to help someone in QT, Comp, etc, then help and offer REAL (earnest) advice, not just, "I know it all, and learned it on my you figure it out." If that's the case, stay out of the thread.
Lastly, I realize I'm speaking for Phil here, but there is no reason for you to have a problem with promoting of any kind on the forum. The day it costs you any money out of pocket when it comes to promoting here, then you have a problem with it. Otherwise, that's part of what this place is all about. If you have issues with someone "promoting" take that up with Phil, if I spoke incorrectly in his place, he will let YOU and me know about it.
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