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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
When that day happens, that team is more than welcome to come tell me "I told ya so" and I will just laugh and offer them a beer. I dont expect it to be anytime soon BTW! And even if it does, I done had my arse whooped up and down the cookoff scene, wouldnt be any different to me, it happens to everyone. Heck RangerJ smoked us in ribs at a comp once in Columbus,tx of nearly 40 teams and with the very exact same recipe and glaze we took a 1st out of 108. I have always said that a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while, and its likely to happen at a comp. Now as far as my fancy pits, I earned those through hard work, trial and error, failed cooks and never asked a single person for help, Because I did the research, I paid for the meat on the failed cooks and at the end of the day, still had a ice cold miller in my hand. I'm not in any manner hating on any newbie for experimenting with a new brand, cook method etc. I will gladly help anyone with any BBQ related problem they are having, I answer a bunch of emails every day. I just have a problem with people endorsing the new kid on the block when it ain't proven itself yet just because they got a freebie
Like you said, it's new, it's shiny........all sorts of things get endorsed on this forum. That's how people learn about em. Instead of having a problem with it, there are two things you can do: buy one, try it, and judge for yourself.(good or bad) If you don't want to go that ROUTE, then don't bash or belittle those that have. How the hell else is the NEW kid on the block supposta make a name for himself? There are others out there that are trying to make themselves "self made" too in other areas. If anyone can appreciate that, it would be you.
If you are under the assumption that it's because it's a FREEBIE it's forced material, tell that to the folks that paid for one. It's getting proved here on the forum each day.
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