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Originally Posted by AussieTitch View Post
That question threw me , I have always called them Snags and never knew why,so I went looking.

I found this.

Snag, by David Pope 2002
A sausage. In Australia and elsewhere snag has a number of meanings, including 'a submerged tree stump', 'an unexpected drawback', and more recently a 'sensitive new age guy'. But in Australia, a snag is also a 'sausage', a sense that probably comes from the British dialect word snag, 'a morsel, a light meal'

from here.

Now I can tell other Aussies why we call them Snags
Hey Titch
I think the original sources of the term snags has been lost. I understood it came from an Aussie boy in a boarding school who was writing home telling his Mum what they had for dinner. After a number of failures trying to spell sausages he called them snags. The term has continued.
In the same line do you know why Quuenslanders named their beer XXXX - it was because they couldn't spell beer!!!!
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