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Wow, from what I read lately about the PBC SHEEPLE is that once someone of significance in the bbq world endorses a product, everyone goes and buys it! What ever happened to just doing the research, seeing how something g operates in real life and if it fits your budget, buy it. This is how I grew up bbqing. Burning down wood to coals in large fire pits, cooking for hundreds of people, if you can manage this his amount of coals, you can manage any pit. Any good pitmaster knows a good pit has to have an adjustable intake and exhaust to learn to regulate the temps depending on their geographic location and type of fuel for heat and if the situation warrants different wood for smoke. Whatever happened to the true pitmasters that learned from trial and error, And did what worked for them, not what everyone else says to do. IMO when the new shiny wears off PBC, they will just be another shadow.

And we didn't burn one bit of the chicken!

You gotta cook by feel, that's the only way you can call yourself a true pitmaster. I dont wanna put words in any particular members mouth, but I have a feeling they will agree with this underlying message.
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