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Originally Posted by Pitmaster T View Post
The whole trailer offended me from frame one. We bbq peeps are normal.

I consider myself a pretty normal guy with interests balanced in moderation. I am interested in many things besides just bbq.

Chili Sauce Preview 1 - Popdaddy's Struggle with Boundaries - YouTube

Unlike the guys on here I keep my ego in check and I definitely would not consider myself self centered.

Chili Sauce Preview 3 - Popdaddy's Struggle with Control - YouTube

Never once spending too much time on anything that could be considered... an obsession.

Popdaddy IS Risen! - YouTube

Anyone who says I might be BBQStrange...well, Obviously has been Talkin' to the wife too much.

sauceloin - YouTube
I am sorry to hear that competition BBQ offends you. really! but why would you belittle a form of bbq that defines "the competitors" , have you competed? just wondering, or is this another way for you to promote your own agenda.. a video about competition is about competition correct, not your back yard cooker? or have you lost intrest in "wowing" others in another in a more comfortable venue
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