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Originally Posted by code3rrt View Post
Here's my notes from my first PBC cook.
Decided to try the chicken halves as a first try. I went to the PBC website and watched the video just to refresh my memory. I figured I would simply do as directed. Here is how it went.

First I filled my basket with KBB, doused with lighter fluid, which I don't normally use, lit'er up and went inside to prep the chicken.

Chicken prep:

Seasoned one half with Plowboy's Yardbird, the other half with Pit Barrel All Purpose.

Took me about 10-15 minutes to prep the chicken, checked the PBC at 20 minutes and it was ready to go as advertised. I threw in a fist sized piece of hickory for smoke.

hung the chicken. Now is where things take a little turn. Per the video on the PBC website, it says to walk away for 2 hours, come back and it's done. Well, that was my intention, my plan was to follow the video exactly. At an hour and 20 minutes I just couldn't help myself and had to take a peak, really glad I did.
The chicken looked a bit darker than I expected to see, so I pulled out the ET-732 to check things out. Normally I would have had it on from the start, but I wanted to trust the process. Well, the PBC was running at 325*+....HUH? and the chicken was 160-170 IT.......Wuh?
Sooooooo, The PBC running hotter than advertised, so I have to consider changing the intake vent a little. Just FYI, the outside temps were around 31*F, no breeze to speak of.
Needless to say, pulled the chicken immediately, loosely tented to rest while the rest of the dinner finished.

And then the finished plate.

Now if I had been cooking this on my Kettle, I would've been cooking in the 325-350 range and had my ET-732 running from the start. As you can see, the chicken is a bit dark, not to bad tho.

Overall, I caught it in time, the breast meat was a tiny bit dry, but not bad. The dark meat was absolutely delicious, very juicy. When I was cutting up the finished product, I was kind of surprised at how tender it was, the leg meat pretty much just fell off the bone. I loved both seasonings, both very tasty. The rest of the dinner was fine.

So my take-aways here are that I need to consider adjusting the intake, this is my most likely course. Or, I could leave as is and just adjust cook times to accomadate.

I was a little disapointed at the cook temps running higher than advertised, but at least I caught it in time.

Perhaps Patio Dadio or Noah, if he sees this, have some comments or advice? Or anyone else for that matter.

Hope I didn't carry on too long here, I just figured that with all the folks on here that are trying the PBC's, I'd offer a more detailed report.

Thanks all,
KC- Please take advantage of our customer service and give us a call, our direct line is on every PBC 303-249-9069. We can get you on the right track. Thanks!
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