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Apologies to the Gizzard and Mr Wang, having written my review I did not check back here until today - I completely forgot about this thread.

As an update, I will say that lion is still going strong, which is great. I have cooked close to 100 times with it and it has served me well.

I still cannot do better than +/-10degF accuracy in my UDS. Without a temperature controller I have been able to get the same accuracy adjusting the air intake ball valve. I do believe my fan is defective, it spins but I only ever get binary output from it. Next time I smoke I will copy the graph for you to see.

You say that the control has a 'self tuning' mode, I have run the controller for 12+ straight and I have never seen an improvement in accuracy. Also I have never seen the values for P, I and D change, they are displayed on the bottom right of the graph and are the same as I set.

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