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Originally Posted by thebbqkid View Post
dwfisk and nra4life thanks for the build pics
I can't figure out how to measure my inlet opening from the fb to the cc, I want to do a half moon the inlet opening has to be 15.77 and the opening area has to be 97.71, but how do I figure out how to measure the opening for both tanks.
Thanks the kid
Here is what I would try, based on how I did mine.
1) Level and square both tanks in the relative alignment they will be in when finished (i.e. your FB tank about 16" up from the bottom of the CC).
2) Use a straight edge or level and sharpie to scribe a line representing the top radius of the FB tank.
3) Decide how far the FB tank will penetrate to CC tank (I did about 6"). A this depth from the end of the CC tank, mark the top radius line you just drew front & back.
4) Use masking tape to connect these endpoints and use it as a guide to mark with the sharpie.
5) Now you should have a line representing the top radius of the FB tank and where to make the bottom cut. DOES IT LOOK RIGHT & TEST MEASURE AGAIN?
6) If yes, cut out the CC tank and test fit.
7) At this point you have not made a cutout on the FB tank. You might be able to use the curvature of the FB tank as part of the deflector. I would mark where I want my deflector to end and where my baffle/tuning plates will sit (hopefully using the end curvature of the FB tank). This should be a horizontal line across the end of the FB tank and you can use the recently cut CC tank to scribe the remainder to the cutout of the FB tank.

Caution, after reading this I've decided I ain't that great at explaining geometry. It ain't like I can get my hands on it - IF IT DON'T LOOK RIGHT, DON'T CUT!
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