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Well I'm using dual digital remote thermos the 732 something. I have one i'4of the way fromthefirebox in the middle and the other one 1/4 away from the chimney. Leaks were all fixed and I was still getting a good 50 degrees hotter by the fire box. I'm sure it's because the metal is so thin, it has actually turned blue so that sucker is radiating heat like no body's business. I should have used 1/4 steel. What I have done now is custom cut one of those silver thermo fire resistant blankets and placed it on where it was turning blue. It looks like I'm now down to 20 degrees between two sides. I was afraid to shorten the length of the baffle in fear the side next to the fire box would get any hotter. It's looking like I have a 30 degree difference between the two sides now. Fire box being hotter. Is that acceptable? What kind of degree temps are people getting from the plates from horizon?
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