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Default Has anyone Smoked a Corn beef Brisket?

Hi Lads,

Let me first start by saying I love corned beef briskets. I usually boil it sometimes in beer but most times in water with the cabbage and potato's and carrots. Hmmm making myself hungry typing this. Here are my questions. Has anyone every tired to smoke a corned beef brisket? If so is it any good? If you have smoked one and it is good the next questions are how do you go about doing it? Do you buy the store bought ones that are already in a brine? Do you get a brisket from the butcher and then brine one yourself? If you brine what do you put in the brine? If you do not brine what do you put on it? What temp do you get the meat up to before you pull it from the smoker? What types are woods work best with the corned beef? As you can tell I would like to try a new way of fixing the corn beef but I don't want to screw up a good thing. Any help you can send my way is greatly apprecicated.
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