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Originally Posted by hominamad View Post
I hear what you guys are saying about skill, experience, etc but I still have questions about that. Assume for a moment, that keeping consistent temp wasn't an issue and taken out of the equation. (I'm toying with the idea of buying a pellet smoker this season which supposedly can keep a pretty steady and accurate temp). If you use the same seasoning every time, the exact same temp every time, , the only variable thats left is the meat, right?

The times I made brisket I used a Weber kettle and keeping the temperature steady over the cook was a huge pain in the ass. I'm wondering if with a pellet smoker and a really good quality piece of meat, I could produce brisket of that caliber. What else do you need to pay attention to other than the temps when cooking?
If you really want to push the hypothetical.... some of the top smokers; Tuffy Stone, Johnny Trigg, Myron Mixon, Pellet Envy, AND Aaron Franklin are a few - do not run a pellet cooker.

However... there are teams which do run a pellet cooker and win too.
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