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The first two briskets I made I might as well have thrown 40.00 a piece to my dogs basically. It was good flavor but not really right if ya know what I mean. The one I just did for the superbowl now thats a whole other story. It was amazing. I tried a different approach this last time because I was advised my some friends in the know haha.

I took a 9lb flat and just salt and pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, rubbed with evoo first then wrapped and fridge overnight.

I cooked at 215 degrees. My problem I believe first was to hot and fast removing the brisket after 8hr. Not with 215, I cooked the 9lber for just north of 15 hours. I wrapped it in foil at the 12hr mark (around 157IT at this point) and then cooked it off til 205IT, it stalled quite a while around the 160 mark then just climbed to 190 in a span of 30min I would say. Rested 1hr on the counter then sliced to perfection. It did not fall apart, it had an excellent "pull" to it. Dumped the foil juices on there and let me tell you it was delicious. I am no expert or have done any comp yet just a backyard guy that got really inspired a year ago by BBQ Pitmasters
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