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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
I have to Call BS on Lump not lasting or doing well with the Minion method. I use lump in my UDS I have since the first burn 3 yrs ago 10 lb will go 20+ hrs. I use Lump in the Kettle with the ring of fire and get 16 hr burns at 275. You can BS a BSh*t'er but son you can't Snow the Iceman.
+1 I put a 20 lb bag of B&B oak lump in my UDS and it will last in excess of 30+hrs. Some people like the predictability of kbb but your trading that clean natural flavor of lump for borax, lime, random Charwood including cedar and who knows what else. I have already done the test of 20 lbs of lump compared to 20 lbs of kbb @275, lump won by a landslide. The kbb ashes up and is not that great for long cooks without refueling. They are great for grilling IMO but I can't stand them for smoking. All of my YouTube videos of me cooking are with lump. I have tried the briquettes a few times, but the flavor just ain't right, so I'm done with em! Good luck on your future cooks. A good sealed cooker is the utmost important factor for stable temps and low fuel consumption.
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