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I live 5 minutes from Williamson bros, and have a much different opinion of their meat. My FIL loved that place and we went there quite a bit. I liked it, but didn't love it. I realized after a while that I really like the sauce, but not so much the meat. Not very flavorful and kinda dry on its own. I still buy the sauce, but haven't eaten their in several years. Dave Poe's and BBQ one are both better, IMO.

I have learned a lot about 'que since I've been there. Maybe I should try it again, but I have a hard time eating restaurant BBQ, since I like my own better, lol.

One thing I noticed with that kind of fire management is the amount white smoke it threw out once he hit it with the hose. I have seen this type in several places around the SE (I used to travel all over it) and have eaten some really good food off some of them.
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