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Originally Posted by MariettaSmoker View Post
OK...i want to start cooking for people. How did you guys get started catering? How did you get your name out there so people would notice? I really wanna do this...maybe for weddings, events, etc. What to do, what to do?
we set up a website ( and got a stack of biz cards from vistaprint. then it was all word of mouth. didn't get to carried away as i didn't want the HD buggin me. I also came from many years of kitchen and catering deals, so the time, equipment setup, and all the not so fun part of it i was used to from the chef world. i got out of the food biz and stopped catering unless it's big stuff $1000 or better. it's the little $200 ones that kill you for $40 or less profit.

Number one advice tip here.. know what everything costs you.. i mean everything. spices, meat, foil pans, etc... nothing is free. i factered in all that and then i compared my target prices with local bbq places that do a good mix of in house and catering biz. when meat costs got so high, i walked away. couldn't charge folks the same mark up and sleep at night. if you have tons of volume, then it doesn't affect you so much.

will you be serving? will you just do drop and go's? whats your deposit/refund policy?

Start with a couple small ones.. don't just jump into a wedding. screw that up and get sued. office parties, stuff like that to start. get the feel for what you need to buy or find out where to rent stuff. it's a lot of trial and error.

Good luck
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