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Whats this non-sense? Offsets not efficient? pfffft. offsets rule. nothing says 'bbq' like have to tend to a fire every 20-40 minutes for a 18 hours hog cook.

how many days until my BWS gets here? hahahaha. welcome to the club. even the high faluting offsets aren't very efficient. folks with Langs and such might get 2 hours between loads. the jambos and such, a little different story, but that's what you get for $12k.

Switch to logs and foil the doors. or instead of foil, grab some fire door gasket rope and some high temp silicone. that's what i used for my "gaskets". then i found that my smoker needed the leaks to breathe. but 10#s to cook a butt sounds not so bad on a offset. on a UDS you'd get about 20 hours out of the same.. just saying..
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