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Default What to buy Weber smokey Mountain 22.5 or Horizon 20" Classic

Hello everyone, I am trying to decide what smoker to buy. I have narrowed it down to two. One is the weber smokey mountain 22.5 the other is the Horizon 20" classic. I know these smokers are very differant but both seem to have their up sides.
I am leaning towards the weber simple because of all the reviews. It seems very easy to use with little maintenance during long smokes, I am worried about burn out with this smoker.
That being said I have had my heart set on a Horizon for about two years. I like the heavy duty construction as compared to anything at Walmart, or home depot. The draw back for me is loading wood every hour. Its fine and even fun for the first 4 or 5 hours but by hour 8 or 9 it tends to get old. The other thing with the Horizon is I love the thought of passing it down to great grand kids.
I have a family of 7 thats why I am looking at the bigger smokers. I would greatly appreciate any and all feed back. Thank
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