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Originally Posted by John Bowen View Post
Last year I went to visit some friends who were cooking at a comp and Johnny Trigg there was cooking as well. He was set up next to Rod Gray of Pellet Envy. Johnny Trigg was by himself and I went up to talk with him. He had just put his ribs on to cook. I can’t remember the time but it was early morning. We talked for about an hour and I was surprised he spoke with me for so long and nobody else came up. I said my good byes and headed to see my friends.

About two hours later I walked by his smoker and he called me over and asked me to give him a hand. We cleaned up his area and got ready to wrap his ribs. He pulled the ribs out and foiled them – he used brown sugar, honey and parkay – no liquid. I asked why and he said that “there will be enough liquid in there”. We put the ribs back on and sat back down. He kept talking to me so I just stayed – he pulled out water and gave me one. Now people kept coming up and I felt that I was in the way so I tried to leave – he kept calling me back. I was more than happy to stay. He later told me that he wanted me to carry his boxes in for turn in. As he placed his ribs in the turn in box he moved six aside. I told him those ribs look so good he should put a seventh in for the Table Captain. He said he did not give a damn about the table captain but he would put an extra one in anyway. When I turned the ribs in and came back he gave me 2 bones.

After the turn ins I told him I had to get back to my friends and he took a picture with me and helped him clean up. The funny part was when I got back to my buddies they wanted to know where I was and when I told they I was helping Johnny Trigg they thought I was BS them. At the awards call Johnny Trigg came by and slapped me on the back and said “thanks for your help today” and my buddie’s jaw dropped.

Two months later I saw him at Memphis in May cooking with a group – he waved at me but I don’t think he remembered me.

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