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Default Dairy Queen "BBQ" Sammy Clone

Recently, while my Dad was eating a pork BBQ sandwich that I made he mentioned that I should make some BBQ Dairy Queen (DQ) style. Now, I did my best to hide the insulted look on my face and agreed to give it a go.

If my Dad wants it, I will do my best to give it to him. So, here is my attempt to clone a DQ "BBQ" sandwich.

First thing I did was stop by the local DQ and order a "BBQ" sandwich. The kid that waited on me came from the back with something in a paper cup looking thing and put it in the microwave. It was pork with "BBQ" sauce mixed in. He let it heat in the microwave, put it on a bun, and put it back in the microwave to heat up the whole thing.

I took it home, and started to work on cloning it. Here is what I came up with.

Start with a barbecued pork butt -

Pick some delicious pulled pork -

Chop it and add some chicken broth and Head Country BBQ sauce -

Simmer it until it becomes very soft - almost mushy -

Add some Head Country BBQ sauce to taste -

Then add some pulled and coarsely chopped BBQ pork to the mix. There should be some texture to it.

Give it all a stir -

Serve on a bun microwaved for about 8 seconds. Here the real DQ "BBQ" sammy is on the left and the clone is on the right -

You will get a higher quality BBQ sandwich without the fat and gristle that comes in a Dairy Queen sandwich. Also, it will be real BBQ rather than a "crock pot" style of cooked pork warmed over in a microwave. The sesame seeds are optional, as you can see. They add nothing to the DQ sammy.

My Dad loves it! So, don't judge me too harshly, brethren. If cooking BBQ is about making people who are important to you happy, I have achieved that goal.
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