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You need to seal up the fire box if it continues to burn when the dampers are closed it is sucking air and feeding the fire. All the newer OKJ's I have looked at the door on the fire box did not seal you could see the ground when looking through the top hatch. as to the charcoal usage Cheap offsets are thin metal and don't retain the heat well especially in your corner of the planet. A thick blanket simply draped over the cook tube helps with this.I strongly recommend that you switch over to burning hard wood splits. Start off with about 2-3 lbs of charcoal and feed it split wood 1 stick every 30-45 min will give you better heat ( more efficient). Sealing up the fire box will tame the beast. I would not use charcoal basket on that pit the fire box is to small, off sets are all about good flow using a charcoal basket blocks the flow and will give you a whole different set of issues.
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