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Default Offset smoker efficiency..

Ok Guys, I have been using my offset smoker for over 3 years now, but recently found this forum, so I want to ask you a question.

Are those of you who are using an offset smoker, also experiencing extreem high coal usage? let me elaborate:
If I cook a 12 pound pork butt, I'll go neatly through 10 pounds of coals..and my cooker temperature never exceeds 250 F.

I'm loosing so much energy in every direction but the right can I fix this.
to give you some more info, it's a cheap thing (german made Oklahoma Joe wannabe) so as far as being airtight...hmmm not so much.
If i compleetly close the vents and the exhaust,,the damn thing will continue to burn until it has consumed it's last coal.
that, in my opinion, is not normal..but I'd love to hear your experiences and tips how to improve efficiency.
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