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January 2008 to December 2008 Saw BOTH post 1000 and 2000

(swampr secured both)

Who Posted the most in the first 2000 posts? Click the number and see what they wrote post by post.

Norcoredneck 188
Dr_KY 113
swamprb 76
Mark 71
Bbq Bubba 67
Meat Burner 45
jgh1204 45
chinesebob 41
fordman 41
N8man 40
Smokin Gator 37
Barbarian 37
Bigmista 37
ipls3355 30
JD McGee 29

SUBTHREADS – This when you find a link to another Thread that’s buried in the UDS Thread

The Famous – Four Nipples Vs One Big Hole Thread by DarthTrader or what if you want HIGH TEMPS subthread

Mark’s Stainless Pictorial Subthread

Sparky’s Subthread (Nipples vs Big Hole) post suggesting sliders for High Temps by Big Poppa Smoker

Worthy Advice from the Masters of the UDS (These are sometimes subthreads of the UDS thread)


All this is just my opinion from following the threads.
It is fun to out cool the next guy but some things work and some don't. I just advise if you are limited on resources and want a cooker that the masses here can advise on, go simple basic build.
This is a great discourse on DRAFT and CONTROL

Norcoredneck on Spell Check

Modelmaker – King of the side door design

ModelMakers 2006 EDS Side doors, robust grate design from the thread “.50 tour of the EDS”

Bigmista – Begins Dream on a UDS with 165 Bucks

Bigmista’s UDS 2006 Thread – His Business thoughts started HERE as making a few slammiches in the only thing he could afford at the time.

Bigmista’s First Drum arrives 2006 0 sadly no pics due to being archived I guess its so old

N8man’s Highjack

N8man’s How I use my Pit Drum Pit basics – excellent subthread (pron heavy)

Hav’s Highjack subthread

“My (not so) Ugly Drum Smoker EXCELLENT Honorable Mention for 2008

Swampr’s Ultimate Hijack

In an effort to secure the 2000th post (he already had post 1000) Swamp inundates us with his genius in everything from his food pron, to design, rotisserie and competition shots… and manages to secure the 2000th post in doing so… it ends up being Swamp’s Page

PatioDaddio’s First Butts on a Drum thread – includes his commentary about going from WSM to Drum and Butt Shots.

2008 UDS Indexing

Baskets or Fire Rings

BRILLIANT milehigh shows how to make a sloped, expanded steel firebasket

Dr KY’s Basket and ash pan

Dr KY’s Basket 2.0

Hook Line and Sinker’s Hexogonal Basket Design

Hook Line and Sinker’s Octagonal Basket and Drop Bottom Drum

SmokinCoyote’s Coal Box Part Two (Details)

BBQ Bubba suggest Basket Handle for easy lifting Part Two Closer up

On Prince’s Birthday (6-7-200 NORCOREDNECK so loved the Earth, that he sent down the Ultimate solution to the mass search for a Ash pan everyone could get

Norcoredneck invents GRILL Adapter for raising coals to grill level for steaks Etc THIS IS THE INNOVATIONOF THE YEAR AWARD 2008!!!!!!

Richard’s Egg Basket

Rookie’48s Basker with Pull handle

BRILLIANT!!!! JJC™, which is the Jaronimo Jiggly Crank© idea for ash jiggly outie

Best Laid Plans

Chinese Bob’s drawing of a two drum smoker

Burn Outs

Dr Astroglide’s (KY) MIL burns his drum out

RazBarlow’s Burn (also pics of a drum deheader)

Jaronimo’s Burn Out on his extended UDS

Barbarian Extended Burn Outs

Draft design Nipples, Holes and Thangs

Patiodaddio asks for advise on Drafts for his UDS (SubThread First Butts)

N8man’s sheet magnets

Norcoredneck – first picture of the long handled draft control

Norcoredneck’s short nipples, double nuttings and Thirdeyes Hoe
Scoop -Technically a link to “confused with the UDS” link but still inside the UDS Thread

Norcoredneck shows us how he does his nipples and cocks in a 2008 subthread called “confused with the UDS”

Norcoredneck shows us where he drills holes to drain the water for those of us who use the inverted drum design

TexaQ’s Draft Design

Ratdawg’s draft design

Norcoredneck breaks “cool Factor” rule (K.I.S.S.) and unveils the
Big Belly Mod for Draft management

Norcoredneck mentions the 2” draft adjustment (knock out cover)
Divided Circle

Hook Line and Sinker – Pierced Nipple Draft Control

Dr KY’s Diffuser (Scroll the whole page for tests)

DrKy’s Nipples, Pipes and Cocks

Drum care

N8man shows what a seasoned drum should look like

Food Pics from the UDS

PatioDaddio’s Butts on a Drum

Mad Max’s Fattys

N8man’s How I use my Pit Food Pron Heavy (subthread)

Norcoredneck’s ribs and butz

Bevo’s Butts (that’s the dude with the Hot Cindy Crawford side boob avatar)

Get er done on a UDS 3-2-1 Ribs

Swampr’s food page (he takes up several posts showing his awesome cook skills AND the weber kettle mod)


Swampr’s Lump Lessons and Weed Burner (Subthread)

Jerrykr electric fire starter

Geek Stuff

Meatburner’s non-crimp Temp Cable solution

Norcoredneck’s Redneck Guru

BBq Bubba’s Probe Grommets for protecting your probe wires from damage

Hardware (Handles, stacks, Wheels and What Not)

Dr KY’s stainless stacks

Dr KY’s Blue Extension on a Ball Cock

Dr KY shows us why he is one major pipe smoker

Dr. KY’s Drum Lid Holder (so you can fasten your lid to the side of your drum)

Dr. KYs even longer stack

N8Man and his Junkyard Dollys for UDS Finds also on Prince’s

Hugh Jorgan’s Weight for UDS Lid Idea

Norcoredneck’s Handles and Grill extension built into the firebasket Mod

Just Lid Mods

JD McGee’s UDS Weber Top and drip issue

Hugh Jorgan’s Cut out

Norcoredneck mentions Weber Lid vs Kingsford Lid for Lid Mod

Barbarian’s Donor Drum Lid Solution

BBq Bubba mentions Swampr’s easy weber lid fix

Just Shotz

Bbq bubba’s sneak peek at UDS 2.0 (animal carrier in background and lots of neat garage crap if your add)

D.F. Expat’s UDS

Bentley’s Duracell UDS


BBQ Enthusiasts UDS 1.0 and 2.0 (MMMMM Shiney)

Wlhs’ UDS

HellJack6’s UDS 6.0

Richard’s UDS

Jrichter52 UDS

Sfbbqguy’s UDS start up Part Two UDS Finished and Running

Giterdone on a UDS’ UDS

Dr KY Mini

BBQ Bubbas “All the Best” ideas from the Thread UDS

Butt-a-bing’s Start UDS

Bbq lover’s stainless UDS and BBQ Pron

Norcoredneck’s 85 UDS with Utility Cart

Mods, Tables and Extensions

Norcoredneck steals my idea I had in 2010 in 2008 (using the top as a bottom so you can just pull the drum off and clean) Picture of
drum seam cutter in this

Hook Line and Sinker’s Drop Bottom Drum

H2Oloo’s Insulated UDS

Carpetbagger’s Shelf and other Mods

Bevo’s Extended UDS (that’s the dude with the Hot Cindy Crawford side boob avatar)

Swampr’s Rotisseries Mod

JD Mcgee’s Rotisserie

Barbarian Rotesserie on Swampr inspired Weber Cut Out

Barbarian’s UDS and UGD… Note the smoke management system

Shelf design

Dr Astroglide (KY) stainless shelf holders

Jerrykr interesting u bolt shelf design (with electric fire strter)

Start to Finish (These guys gave pictorials from soup to nuts)

ModelMakers EDS Side doors, robust grate design from the thread “.50 tour of the EDS”

Zabor16’s UDS (funny how many gets tips on here, make a UDS and rarely comment again)

Madams144’s UDS build Part One

Madams144 UDS BuildPart Two

Jaronimo UDS Start

Tools Needed

Norcoredneck’s Wire Wheel for Paint removal

DrKY trumps Norcorednecks Wire Wheel

UDS Freaks of Nature (at times there may be links posted within the UDS Thread but be sources outside our Forum)

The Magnum Force UDS - UDS that has several side access doors and how to built it.

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