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somebody shut me the fark up.

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I use a tractor's not pretty but works well.

It's 30" in diameter and about 11" tall. There is a 3" square cut out on the bottom of one side for good air flow, and I use my weed burner when needed to get the fire going.

I love the thing.. it's a bit heavy but if I tip it on it's side I can roll it where ever I need it. Getting it loaded into the back end of the pick up can be interesting. lol

The cooking grate is made from a 1" tubing frame and expanded metal. You need the bar across the center to keep the expanded metal from warping over high heat. It's big enough that I can move food, skillets, pots, etc. off the fire when needed.

I really love the thing and use it a LOT.

Originally Posted by John Bowen View Post
You need to talk to that Cowgirl woman. She can build pits and cook plus I bet she drives a pick up.
lol Thanks John! I'm a chevy girl. I drive an old 3/4 ton chevy 4x4. I need it for pulling the stock trailer.
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