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Originally Posted by Pigs on Fire View Post
I know this isn't going to sit well with many, but I wouldn't produce something full of foul language. Yeah, I've been known to have to go wash my mouth out with soap, but I ain't running around trying to start a new TV show with that language, either.

The most popular show on TV right now has NO cuss words or bleeps in it.
But as a documentary you have to show how it really is out there, and to not show how the people involved in comp bbq really are would be a disservice to the people who it is about and to those who don't know what it's about and are learning about it for the first time.

Also a network TV show can't have foul language or cuss words, because than sponsors wouldn't pay for ads and the network would not make any money. But network TV shows have plenty of sex and violence. In the last 5 to years cable TV shows have become extremely popular, starting with the Sopranos and then Mad Men and others like Dexter and Justified. All of those shows post great numbers and they are full of cuss words and nudity.

Just saying is all.
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