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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by mbshop View Post
to be blunt, i like to learn of other good charcoal just as much as the other guy but i'm usually just plain put in the who cares zone when stuff is just plain near impossible to find or get. i just don't get it. what are the manufacturers thinking ?
i know there are a lot of issues but i really don't care. if i can't get it, whats the point ?? loved the writeup though.

I'm with you George! But the group buy was initiated by Mike C. who submitted the WSM cook to the Charcos site. He has a neighbor that got in on one of the original extruded coconut charcoal briqs and when that supply ran out, they in turn bought a bunch of the Charcos when it was available locally. I actually bought the box from Mike a year ago and just never got around to it. I know its available in Canada, and some folks in SoCal claim its available at some True Values.
When I talked to the BGE distributor that supplies dealers with Wicked Good lump and asked why they don't get the WG Briqs as well, he replied he has to buy a container load. Can't think of many dealers that would do that.
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