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Originally Posted by JS-TX View Post
You never said what type of green wood you used. I've hard green fruitwood is ok, but not mesquite or oak. By chance did you have a lot of gunk from your last cook in the fuel pile?
Bingo. This is exactly where I was going. Although, I'm less concerned about the type of wood. Yes, Myron uses fruit wood, and you can argue that fresh fruit woods including pecan can be utilized with minimal risk. I've done it a lot, but I also have a big off set stick burner (so hotter fires, even with low chamber temps). What I notice regularly is that failure to clean a pit of certain drippings can cause tons of white smoke. Butter is big culprit, for example. Meat drippings, haven't really caused a problem for me though.

I generally let my pit burn for a while prior to putting food on as well. Both to help sanitize (I don't cook everything in pans) and to burn off any remaining old drippings. When the smoke is thin and blue, it's time to start cooking.
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