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Originally Posted by cricky101 View Post
My wife were talking just this week about getting a Costco membership.

I had always heard about Costco rebating the difference between the executive and lower memberships if the cash-back threshold wasn't met, but looking through the fine print in their membership documents about the Executive Membership found this:
I may be wrong, but to reads to me like they won't do the rebate between the regular membership and the executive anymore.
It's not something they have ever advertised, but it is something they do. At rebate time, they usually have someone walking through the lines asking people who have rebate checks if they're for under $100 in our Costco. I know they did this last spring and have done it previous years to that. I think it's pretty hard not to spend $100 a week there. I also know they do this at other Costcos in other states. They only topped us off one year when we were living in Europe. They also refunded us for the full $100 and not the difference between the memberships. You could also go in and ask if they do that at your local Costco.
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