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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
RangerJ, smokeass, SDAR there is a difference that I forgot to mention to y'all. My door guage is calibrated for center grate temps. So when my guru temp is 275, 300, or 325 the door temp is exactly the same. Sitting in a 70 degree day, the door temp rests around 125. I'm sure y'all just used the door gauge as the only temp measurement. Remember, heat and airflow uses the path of least resistance and I this case, it's along the walls, not the grates, so the door temp on a boil calibrated guage will read somewhere around 50 degrees hotter than the actual grate temp. So its possible that when using water, your prob really only Cookin @218-220 also. Not tryin at all to beat down on your methods, but this is a temp variance between the door and the actual grate is 50 deg difference. And from what I read, it's common on almost every vault or safe. Even George warned me of this. He know from my YouTube videos I only cook with grate temps.
No, I don't use the door temp. I use a guru sometimes, but I always use an ET-732 and the temp regulates right at 250 with water in the pan on either of those probes. The door is usually about 10 degrees lower believe it or not. I set the guru pit probe and the ET-732 probe on each side of the food in the middle of whatever rack I am using for the big meat.
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