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Well this past Sunday I smoked a Chuckie and some chicken breasts on the same smoker. The Chuckie went about 5+ hours until it hit 170 degrees and then I wrapped it until it was fall apart tender. I also put on the chicken breasts that I had brined about 3 hours – standard salt, brown sugar, soy sauce, onion powder and some lemon juice. The chicken was rubbed went about 2 hours until it hit 165 then I sauced it and put it on another 15 to 20 min.
The chicken was moist and good – everyone ate the stew out of it but to me the smoke flavor was not very pronounced and what I did taste I think came from the flavor of the sauce – it certainly was not into the meat.
The set up was the same for the Chuckie – the only difference was that the Chuckie stayed in the smoke an extra 3 hours.
I am not looking for a strong smoke flavor – just – well smoke flavor.
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