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Originally Posted by eap0510 View Post
Does anyone know were I can find a tutorial on how to put together a pork box?
More specifically I am looking for a tutorial that shows me where to get all the different parts that need to go into a box. For example where do I find what they call "tubes" and "chunks". Is there a specific location that most people like to take their chunks from?

I have read the article on Pickled Pig which has some great information on the process but not much on how to put together the box. http://

Now if someone has a video that explains this that would be great but some simple advise would be much appreciated as well.

Check out this thread. I did a search on youtube and found some decent video's that I posted in there for the OP. Not all 100% what you are looking for, but decent enough. To find 100% of what you are looking for normally costs $$ as rarely do people just give it away and there are a few teams with online classes.
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