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Originally Posted by swamprb View Post
This has been gone for a long time, but here are some pics of some of the mods I did on a $15 rustbucket New Braunfels offset.

I removed the firebox and added a baffle/heat diverter that covered a good portion of the opening and directed the heat under the cook grates.

Applied a length of Rutland rope stove gasket between the f/box and cook tube, used high temp Permatex silicone to make a gasket on the cook tube door-it was actually pretty tight!

Extended the exhaust vent with a piece of flashing down to the cook grate level.

12"x12" perf steel charcoal basket

4 wheel drive!

Sold it for $125
How wide and long is the firebox baffle you made? Was it worth the effort?
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