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Originally Posted by realspaazz View Post
All of the big box stores also differ from location to location. If you are thinking of adding or switching your membership, ask at the customer service desk for a day pass (sometimes they have a 30 day trial) and walk around the club, look for the stuff you use, look for stuff you might like to use. Only you can decide if one or the other ( or both) is best for you.
Great idea.

I'll give this a try on my next trip over that way.

Originally Posted by TravelingJ View Post
Is there a way you can work a trade on memberships with a friend? We signed up for a Costco membership a while back-the line in Sams was too long, and I didn't feel like waiting. I mentioned it at a family dinner and our niece informed us that we were still on her Sams card. I called up Costco, and put her name down for my second person. Now My girlfriend has a Sams card we can use, I have a Costco card we can use, and the niece has both. It's a win-win, and only costs each person a single membership.

Interesting solution.

I may be able to do this very thing.
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