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Originally Posted by swamprb View Post
I looked at the link for EcoBrasa and was wondering about the firing method dsscribed here:

Are you seeing people using charcoal grates or a "slit free" or flat surface? I'm guessing they would be mostly grilling like that?

Nah...we just do it the normal way over here.
Only time I've seen them burn on a flat surface was on a Dutch oven.

Originally Posted by BobBrisket View Post
Many say that they don't like the "smell" from traditional briquettes and that is a factor for many. How would you compare just the basic smell/smoke given off by these vs. traditional briquettes like, KF, etc?

I can't compair with the US brands but compaired to different kind of traditional Dutch briqs these are as good as odeurless.
Once the startercubes are burned down and the lower coals are lit you don't smell anything...also no smoke.
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