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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Well, I also heard something else interesting this weekend. I was actually at a specialty butcher on Saturday (our comp team is working out a sponsorship with them) and the butcher there was telling me that recently they had a whole actual WAYGU rib roast shipped in for a very wealthy client. It was about 9 steaks total, after they cut it. The cost of the rib roast was $3,400.
Originally Posted by westy View Post
Wagyu yes. Kobe no. Not from Kobe, Japan, its Kobe style Wagyu. Kind of like if its from champagne, its champagne. Otherwise its sparkling wine right?
I didn't say "Kobe", I said "Wagyu" did Wampus?
Also do not get the point you seem to be trying to make?
Are you saying Tajimagyu is superior to say Miyazakigyu?
It isn't at all.
Kobe beef isn't superior to Australia's top grade wagyu either.

6 years ago an Australian 'sparkling' took out the $200 open category in France.
It costs $22 here.
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