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Originally Posted by Big Dan View Post
Cheez do you have a recipe for the rice you made for that?
Yeah, more or less...

Here is the recipe I had found that came close to what I had in mind:

Let's see... I used half and half basmati and wild rice, because I liked the difference in appearance and texture of the two rices, and because I thought that some of those at dinner would more readily eat it if it were not all wild rice (not me, I love wild rice!). I cooked the rices separately, as the wild rice takes much longer to cook. I wanted both of them "just done", so that the time on the grill would not result in them being way over-cooked. In retrospect, I don't think that the texture changed at all, probably because they were not in any sort of liquid while on the grill. I'd say cook the rice to your liking. The amounts of rice I used were almost double the recipe in the link; I was cooking for 16 people. I just adjusted the rest to fit, not worrying about exact numbers, just what felt right.
I used either baby-bellas or regular button mushrooms, I don't remember which (pretty sure it was the bellas). I didn't get the shiitakes. Again, I was going for mass appeal.
I did not have, nor was I going to buy, the "Holiday Seasoning" mentioned in the recipe. I went with fresh herbs from my garden wall, about 2 T fresh sage, 1 T each fresh rosemary and thyme. If using dried, use about a third of those amounts, maybe a bit more if you like.

I liked this a lot, I will make it again. Who knows, I might even write my own recipe, so that I don't have to explain it this way!

I hope this helps, feel free to ask if you have any other questions.
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