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Actual 27 million hit UDS Thread Index Pictorials by Subject for the 2007 Model year

How I am doing this.

We all know the colossal UDS Thread is too much to read. Imagine indexing it. There is only really one way to do it so that it will be done in a reasonable amount of time; by pictorial submission and by year. Who wants to wait 5 years for me to index the damn thing. In addition, I like the Year Model Idea because the UDS changed and evolved over the years.

Why I chose pictorials.

The reason I chose to skip along the thread and stopping at the pictorials is because either a picture was shown to answer a question, or to show off a new idea... either way, before or after the picture, there was discussion so if you scroll back or forward a bit you can pick up what you need quickly.

THE UDS THREAD INDEXED - January 2007 to December 2007

Baskets or Fire Rings
Norcorredneck’s Basket
SmokenGator’s UDS Pics
OldBob’s Basket
Thirdeye’s Basket design
Thawley’s unique fire basket )
N8mans’ Fire Basket
Swamprb’s 18” weber kettle fire basket idea

Draft design Nipples, Holes and Thangs
Norcorednecks Nipples and holes
SmokenGator’s UDS Pics
Thawley’s Unique Draft design and Wheels
Thawleys Foot Controlled Draft Design (entire thread) Not part of original UDS Thread This is a MAJOR design departure and very a very unique genius

1st Burn Out Pics

Blutches Burn
N8man’s Burn

Food Pics from the UDS

Thirdeye’s Ribs
Thirdeyes Ribs on Rack Holders
SmokenGator’s Ribs
Meatburner’s Chix Pics
Pepper76usa’s canton, Ga. Turn ins from a UDS (2007)

Geek Stuff
Napper’s Temp controller and Induction Draft (Scratch built)

Hardware (Handles Wheels and What Not)
Bottles ‘n Bones BBQ - Stacks
Bottles and Bones hardware for drum lid tiedowns (when you are hauling, what holds your lid on?)
Scudrnr’s Stacks

Just Shotz
Thirdeyes’s BDS (Retail Unit)

Kettle Lid Mods
Swamprb’s Kettle Mod

Mods, Tables and Extensions
TnTitan (One of the first ones on our forum to fashion a table to a UDS)
Ipls3355’s Extension Mod
Pepper76usa’s chain crazy
Bottles N Bones BBQ – sausage hangers

Start to Finish (These guys gave pictorials from soup to nuts)
MT4Runner 2007 Model
Swamprb’s 2007 model
Swamprb’s Kettle Mod 2007 Model

Tools Needed

Thawleys Awesome Welders Thread (Discussion of Welders and Welding)
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