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I appreciate the advise guys. I just wanted to try it this way once because there is a guy that has a safe on YouTube and he fills the pan with water, gets a Hott bed of coals and just throws debarked splits in the whole time with a constant of 250-275. I dunno it just seems that the water governs it so much that it won't go above 218-220. I am by no means complaining. I can set this vault dead nose on 275 dry and cook no prob! Just bored trying to completely "know your pit". I know dry, @275 with the exhaust 100% open, 25% on the guru will make it draft perfect with the guru running about 10-25% which is perfect.
I have never had run a away temp spike in my vault. You can't chase temps on a insulated well sealed pit, just so happens I got it right the first burn. Here is a video last night after all the water burned off.

Some leftovers tonight.

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