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Originally Posted by Motley Q View Post

I guess youi didn't read the manual.

Took an hour to reach 80 degrees?

You seasoned at 600 degrees?
I read the manual about as deeply as you read my post

I didn't let the charcoal ignite enough before I closed the lid. This is why it took that long to get to 80 degrees. My mistake.

When I realized what happened and did ignite the coal, the temp ramped up to 600 very quickly. I did pull the temp down enough to make sure I did not go past the manufacturer suggested limit of 700 degrees as I knew by this point the dome thermometer was approximately 80 degrees off, but when seasoning a grill I'm going to put as much heat as possible to burn in the oil. I don't need a manual to tell me how to 'season' a grill, so I am comfortable with skipping this section.

Originally Posted by aawa View Post
So where was my invite to parttake in this pork shoulder and brisket?!

Gratz on your new cooker. I was eyeballing the akorn for a while also, but decided to go with a kettle and make myself mini wsm when I decided to make the leap.
Sorry, was so busy with the new toy, never received your invite request

I am happy with the purchase and plan on adding a kettle to my arsenal in the near future

Originally Posted by KyleOH View Post
I can run mine at 200 for over 24 hours. At 250 mine still barely smokes. I am only opening the top vent .5 for 250. The smoke flavor is spot on. The akorn is the best money spent IMO, next would be the bbq guru to go with it!

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My wood smoked pretty good. I did load 2 splits in it. they were not there when I finished cooking. They were replaced by two new pieces of charcoal. beautiful red smoke ring and great flavor in the pork. I did heed this advice and tried to stay in the higher temperature range until the meat got above 140. BBQ guru? where's the fun in those? LOL, I don't even think i need one for the Akorn
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