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Default Anyone use splits in their Pitmaker?

So last night I was just experimenting with the vault and came across something. I love using it with charcoal and wood chunks cooked dry. So last night I wanted to see what it would do if I filled the water pan with 5 gal of water. I opened all the vents and let er rip. the whole vault top to bottom was 218 with a roaring fire for around 6 hrs and it went dry and ran out of fuel. I know water is a governor in these things it really is, Becaise that would have been a 450+ fire that I built. I was wandering if anyone operated it as a stick burner adding a large stick about every hr to keep a nice fire in there. Charcoal doesn't have the btu's of a peice of post or live oak perfectly aged. At first when I was running it with water at night I thought I had crazy white bitter smoke goin, but I didn't and it soon evaporated after the exhaust pipe. Might have to try some experiments tonight on some cheap chicken. Got plenty of post oak and pecan to burn
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