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Originally Posted by smokinit View Post
You guys have been killin me with this thing. I have never been real interested in barrel cookers but I may just have to pick one up. Good thing i can hide it in Pa the wife will never know.
Honestly, I hd no intention of buying one. I have way to many ways to cook meat as it is

But, now that I have one I will say that I enjoyed cooking on it (in it?). It was easy to setup and fire up, required virtually no attention and produced good food. Is it the be all, end all of cookers? No. That's the UDS

Seriously... It worked well and did the job that it was advertised to do. Just like every other cooker out there, commercial or home built, it has strong and weak points, but overall it did a nice job. Is it for everyone? No. If you have a UDS you can certainly set it up to cook like a PBC. The result may not be identical because of the drum size, etc., but it should be similar. If you have a WSM you can set it up to run like a PBC. With an 18.5" WSM the results may be close. It's just another spin on a vertical barrel-shaped cooker, but designed for ease of use and commercially available.
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