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Default Weber Performer Restore- Help


Just scored (I use that term loosley) a weber performer date code DI in dark green. When I got it home and started cheking it out I noticed the igniter was not working and the flame was more orange than blue. Took it apart this morning and got the igniter working but the flame is still the same.. more orange than blue. I would like to clean the end of the gas line that connects to the grill but wanted some advice as to what others have done to clean it out? I was thinking of soaking the end of the gas line in vinegar.

The second issue, there is a hole in the bottom of the bowl, right where one of the legs would attach to the bottom. The hole is about the size of a dime and the rust is isolated to one area. I somewhat fixed it buy putting a stainless bolt w washer on each side and a lock nut to cover the hole. Worked ok but after I got the ignition system working I noticed that the washer was not covering the entire hole. Had some plyers laying nearby so I tried to move the washer by force instead of loosing it and repositioning it (lazy mod). Well wouldn't you know it I knocked another small hole in it abouth the size of the end of a bic pen. Probably just end up putting another smaller stainess screw through that one as well but wanted to see if any other options were available. I do not have a welder but had considered JB Weld.

Any other repair tips for a rusted out kettle bowl?

Thanks for your help,

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