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Default Charcos Coconut Shell Briquettes Test Cook #1

A few of us Mossbacks in the Seattle area are doing a group buy on a pallet of Charcos Coconut shell briquettes, and I've been procrastinating getting around to do a test cook, so Super Bowl Sunday was the big day!

This is how they are packaged

I weighed out @ 4 lbs. of the briqs.

Took @ 1 lb. and used a Chimney and 3 BGE fire starters per the Charcos website video.

Took @ 8-10 minutes to completely light.

Added the remaining 3 lbs. to a clean base and firebox of a Large Big Green Egg.

Minion style burn

4 Cherry chunks for smoke

2 Pork Loin Back ribs liberally seasoned with Smokie Okie's Okie Dust

Guru assisted @ 30 minutes to reach 275* grate temp.

3 hours in Apple juice spritz

4 hours in, applied glaze

Still rockin' steady Left Hand Smoke style!

Pulled and rested at 4.5 hours

Nice smoke ring, moist with a slight pull off the bone very competition worthy if I do say so!

I shut the Egg down at 5.5 hours and there were @ a dozen briqs left. I want to see how much is reusable and how much ash was produced, but all in all this was a great show of how little charcoal was needed to maintain a cook.

A couple of the Seattle guys gave gotten 6+ hours on 3 lbs of Charcos at 225*

See what the Naked Whiz has to say about the Charcos Coconut shell briquettes:

I am not affiliated with Charcos or a blogger given the product to review, just sharing my observations on using a different fuel type. Feel free to hit me up with any questions.
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