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Thanks for posting the video.

I have emailed BWS and found out that I can purchase a heat diverter that will ease the moisture build up. How much I could not find out but right now the fire is hitting the water pan directly. I am not sure it will solve all the issue but it seems it will help at least in theory. I am a low and slow guy and I cook around 230 and I do want some moisture in the pit but as I stated earlier – I put the chicken in and after two hours the rub was not set – it wasn’t even thinking about setting. I had ribs on the top rack and the bark was soft but it did not come off when I brushed on sauce.

This weekend I plan to do a run with sand in the water pan and see what it looks like but to be honest I hate to have a water smoker and not use it for that purpose.

I also plan to order the heat diverter and get it installed as well. I know a good welder and he will work for beer and BBQ!
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