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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Okay fair enough. I still don't think the powder coat truly insulates the entire cooker in the traditional sense. Could it help? Sure but I'll put more blue chips on it being mostly because of the smaller size of the drum. There is less air that the fire has to heat and can heat the air that is there faster and more evenly. Just my opinion.
Sorry it wasn't at the beginning. Didn't know that would make a difference. Most readers read the ENTIRE post before they respond to it.

Originally Posted by Toronto View Post
I would have a disclaimer and say its your opinion at the beginning of your post, lots of people reading your post will think you are stating that as fact. Its good to backup what you say with proof instead of opinion alone.

Fact: powder coating does provide thermal insulation.

Opinion: the smaller size and gauge of the steel provides the insulation.

Just curious, do you even know the actual gauge of the steel on the PBC to be even making that statement?
Though powder coating provides insulation, it isn't the sole factor that makes the PBC's temp so stable. I was just stating MY OPINION (and still am) as to what I think the other clues to the puzzle MIGHT be, which again, were the gauge of the steel (which no, I don't specifically know off hand. It is still thicker than most other cheapo offsets or ECBs and is the same as my other UDS regardless of what gauge it specifically is.) and the 30 gal size. Just my opinion yet again.

Not trying to start any chit, just a little disgruntled...

(Sorry to hijack.)
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