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Originally Posted by Gig'em99 View Post
That's interesting stuff. I've also heard that the US doesn't import any beef. So for example, there's no real "Kobe" beef. Just Waygu or 'Kobe Style'.
Well, I also heard something else interesting this weekend. I was actually at a specialty butcher on Saturday (our comp team is working out a sponsorship with them) and the butcher there was telling me that recently they had a whole actual WAYGU rib roast shipped in for a very wealthy client. It was about 9 steaks total, after they cut it. The cost of the rib roast was $3,400.

So, while the "US" may not, these guys did. He showed me a photo of the steaks. They looked WEIRD they had so much marbled fat. Didn't even LOOK like ribeyes, other than the shape.

And their client wants more in a month. Must be nice.

But, yes.....I've also heard this about American Waygu & Kobe. There's been articles posted here about that very thing. The owner of the butcher shop was telling me that even those US cattle farms that claim that they have waygu meat, apparently have BARELY waygu meat. They've basically cross bread the lineage of actual waygu beef into other breeds (like, say Angus) and there's something like 51% waygu and 49% Angus, so since they're technically majority waygu, they can package it that way, but you're not getting true waygu. Not ALL American Waygu are like that, but some producers are and it's diluting the market apparenlty.
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