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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
If it was difficult to pull and still had a lot of fat that didn't render, then it needed more time. Checking temp with a second thermometer will do NOTHING to fix that. Poke it with a bamboo skewer or just use your thermometer as a poker and poke the meat. When it glides in with little resistance, it's done. Some times it won't get to that point till 210 or more.

I also find resting for a minimum of 2 hours works great for any large piece of pork.

And don't give up on picnic roasts because you undercooked one. They are wonderful eating. Many people prefer the flavor of picnics over butts, me included.
Got a little too big for my britches maybe. After several very successful cooks- I had forgotten the probe trick.
I do rest them for several hours wrapped in the cooler- but if it wasn't done it wasn't done right?

Give up?? Nah- I have The Brethren to help me!

Originally Posted by deguerre View Post
I actually prefer the flavor of a picnic. A whole shoulder is best but those are most times way too much meat for us. Agreed with the above that it just needed a little more time.
It was good, don't get me wrong as everyone enjoyed it- I just knew it wasn't what I expected and probably not all it could have been.

Thanks for the thoughts everyone.
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