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Default My New Backwoods Transporting Device (pics)

I've been trying figure out a way to easily move my BWS around to primarily competition, but also to friends houses when I cook at other places. I had initially though of just building a small ramp for my camper (almost finished with the refurb) and squeezing them in the door (they just fit) then strapping them inside. But that would track in a lot of dirt/grime. Also the fear that they would come unstrapped and create a moving camper mosh pit when I'm traveling. Also for porting just the cookers to friends I won't bring the camper.

So slinging them into the back of a truck seems like a simple solution. Even the G2 Party can be lifted and put on its back fairly easily with 2 people (even if one of those people is me ). The problem with this that I see is all that in and out during the year and scratching/possible denting of the cookers.

My brain works slowly and I finally came up with what I thought was an easy solution. Keep in mind I am not a "handy" type person when it comes to building anything or fixing anything. The idea was as simple as I thought it could get and only took a trip to home depot for plywood and some rubber flooring.

I basically built a back brace for each of the cookers lined with a plastic/rubber flooring that is used for wherever you want some extra floor padding/protection. Now when I say I built I mean I had to call a friend to come over as I have no saws, not even simple ones enough to make this.

So here it is. The hole is to get a strap around it to hold the board in place.

Here it is attached. The board sits about 4 inches from the ground so it can still be wheeled around though I will probably wheel the cooker to the back of the truck and attach it. The rubber flooring is attached with some small wood screws and staples. Here I had only attached it on the top and bottom and did the sides later.

Thought I might need a hole on each side of the smokestack, but 1 works great.

Ratchet is on the bottom out of the way and not scratching up any of the paint.

Here is the Party after a lift into the back of the truck (finally bought a truck last week). What is nice is the plywood is wider and taller than the cooker so even if it was to move around the plywood would hit the truck bed sides first and not the cooker. But I will also tie them up during transport so moving shouldn't occur at all anyways.

I'll find out how well it works Friday on the way to my first competition. The 2 smokers do take up a good chunk of bed space lying on their backs, but there is still room for coolers and other stuff. I did consider standing them up, but that was more thinking . Plus now that I have a camper all the kitchen supplies and other crap can go in there.

There might have been an even easier solution here, but this is all I capable of in this instance .
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