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Default Picnic vs Boston Butt

Made a rookie mistake on my Super Bowl smoke Saturday into Sunday. Thought I had a butt and went about my normal routine- 235* until it hit 180, foil wrapped with some apple juice and set it back on until I hit 200. Ok, 207* by the time I got dressed and went downstairs to remove it and plop it into the cooler to rest. It was not until I started to pull it that I realized this was no boston butt, but a shoulder or picnic. The pull was tough with lots of picking and cleaning to do for my fussy eaters. All that said, it was tender and juicy once all said and done. My question is... ( finally lol ) Should a picnic be treated any differently, or are my results - and not that they were terrible-- typical for this cut? It just seemed that there was more fat and connective tissue etc that had not broken down completely. Perhaps my temp probe hit bone? I dunno...

A turkey breast followed the shoulder into the smoker- that was awesome
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